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What We Bring To The Table


From the moment quality ingredients arrive to our facility, to the moment each unit is boxed & sealed, you can be sure our products are handled with absolute care & precision.
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Global Flavor Profiles

International flavors and new combinations continue to rise in popularity. The ability to provide new flavor profiles to match the demand of consumer demand is a strategic strength, particularly for private label and contract packed sauces and condiments. Our library of global inspired flavors is available to customers looking to expand their range of products.

Research & Development

Innovation is the key to a profitable, growing product line of co-pack and private label food products. Our research and development team, including scientists, technicians and chefs will work with you to develop flavorful, original recipes.

Excellence in Food Manufacturing

With Golding Farms, your brand is protected, enhanced and elevated. Our partners enjoy a higher level of service and flexibility combined with the highest level of condiment mass production.

Since 1972, Golding Farms has provided a proven track record of successful contract packaging of consumer food products. Within our SQF Level 3 production and distribution space, Golding Farms houses an extensive research and development facility, along with design, manufacture, package and distribution space.

Why Choose Golding Farms Sauces and Condiments?

From honey to barbecue sauce and any condiment creation you require, our team delivers. By combining the highest level manufacturing capabilities with unbeatable time to market and the utmost flexibility, we strive to provide the best outcome and value.

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