So it’s September and you and your family have recently gone apple picking. You have a ton of apples but want to use them in different ways besides just for apple pie and cider. Well here’s an easy to do recipe for a snack that will be a surefire hit at any kids soccer game or party.

wormy Apples


  • The first step is to bore a hole through the apple; this can be done carefully with a small knife, or by using a sturdy straw (like the big ones they give your kids at restaurants.)
  • Second, cut the apple in half and scoop out the middle.
  • Have your kids fill the holes with peanut butter; this will also act as a paste when you put the two halves back together.
  • Your kids can now place a gummy worm where the hole is and close the apple.

There you have it a delicious and easy wormy apple.