Looking for an easy way to stay cool while playing outside with the kids?  These squishy sponge balls make for a great game of outdoor tag without the heat!

water ball


  • Sponges
  • Drawer liners
  • Mop head
  • Zip tie



  • First, cut up the mop head, sponges and drawer liners in strips to make the components for the sponge balls.  The strips should be about the size of each sponge when cut into tall thirds.
  • Each sponge ball will use about two sponges, and you can add strips of the mop head and drawer liners as desired.
  • Next, gather the strips and wrap them with a zip tie. Pull the tie as tight as possible and trim the tail.
  • Finally, trim the long strips to make it a little more uniform, fluff and grab a bucket!