Hiring for 1st and 2nd shifts

Duties and Responsibilities:

The batch mixer will report to the Processing Manager. Purpose is to provide product to the production line in a timely manner and support to the production operators and managers.

  • Checks all cookers, valves, pumps, and equipment associated with the batching process.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of all equipment.
  • Sign off on each batch sheet verifying that it is ready to be used and there are no foreign objects present.
  • Ensures that all valves are set properly.
  • Checks ingredients to be added to ensure accuracy to the recipe for that product.
  • Follows the cooking process and dump sequence from each batch sheet by calling out the ingredient to be dumped and the weight to be added.
  • Controls heat and timing of each batch to be prepared.
  • Maintains heat charts and all applicable records for each batch.
  • Ensures that all QC checks are performed on each batch and provides data to the lab.
  • Ensures that all prep sheets are accurate and completed.
  • Reports any issues, out of specification processes or procedures to the kitchen management.
  • Coordinates the time for product release with production.
  • Continuously communicates with filler operators during production runs.
  • Performs all assignments as assigned by management.
  • Provide assistance daily with cleaning and organizing the kitchen, cabbage room, and back dock area at the end of each shift.
  • Provide management with feedback on any quality, sanitation or unsafe/broken equipment issues.
  • All other duties as assigned.