The Golding Farms Story

house-on-a-hillThe Golding Farms story began a long time ago when I was growing up on the family farm on the North Carolina/Virginia border. My parents taught me and my five brothers and sisters about honesty, integrity and hard work. It was how we lived our lives each day.

Our first product was Mrs. Campbell’s Chow Chow. It’s the best I’ve ever had so I bought her famous recipe, her five-gallon cooking pots, funnels, two dippers and a case of pint jars with lids. From a small concrete building in Midway, North Carolina, we made it all by hand with fresh cabbage, peppers and onions. It’s still the best I’ve ever tasted.

From there we added a spicy barbecue sauce I discovered down East in Kinston, North Carolina. Rich and flavorful. Then we added pure all natural Golding Farms honey. Then Golding Farms steak sauce, thick, rich and zesty. Since then we’ve added salad dressings, mustards and seafood sauces, each one made right here in North Carolina under my watchful eye.

We’ve grown quite a bit since 1972 thanks to generations of loyal customers. But one thing hasn’t changed from our first jar of Mrs. Campbell’s Chow Chow: that’s my promise to you and your family to use only the finest ingredients in every Golding Farms product.

Honest to goodness flavor, it's my promise to you and your family.

Consumer Customer Service:

Do you have questions about our products? We'd love to help you as best we can! For customer service help, please call 336-766-6161 and ask for Lisa W.

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Golding Farms Foods Announces New Growth Investment

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Golding Farms Foods, Inc. (“Golding Farms”), a leading manufacturer of private label, branded, and co-manufactured sauces and condiments, today announced a new growth investment from Centre Partners, a leading middle market private equity firm with... Read More →


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