Co-Pack – your brand’s recipe, Golding Farms Foods’ facility, equipment and expertise.

In today’s fast paced retail marketing environment, we take special pride in our ability to respond quickly and cost efficiently to our co-packing customers’ outsourcing needs. You supply the recipe and the process, and we supply the facilities, equipment and people needed to meet your customers’ most exacting standards for taste, texture and freshness.

We currently fill over 50 kinds of bottles and are equipped to fill 5-ounce to 1-gallon bottles, jars and jugs in glass or plastic – hot or cold pack. We can handle large volume production and deliver high quality finished goods when and where you need them. Once your manufacturing steps are in place, we can bottle your product. We will give you the fast turnaround and competitive pricing so crucial in the retail marketplace today.

When choosing Golding Farms Foods as your Co-Packer you benefit from:
• 4 Food Scientists on staff
• New, expanded fully equipped lab
• Fully staffed QC Department
• SQF 2000 Level III Certified, excellent rating
• Assistance with packaging and ingredient sourcing
• Modern, up-to-date facility
• Convenient access to major highways
• A logistics department to coordinate inbound and outbound shipments
• A company that operates with the expertise and efficiency that you expect and the commitment to manage your project that you deserve

With Golding Farms Foods as your Co-Packing partner, you can:
• Add breadth and depth to your product lines without having to invest in specialized equipment
• Keep product moving to the shelves when your own manufacturing resources are at capacity
• Profit from the cost efficiency of our high volume, automated manufacturing systems and processes

The Process
To see if Golding Farms Foods’ Co-Packing is the right fit for your brand,

• Complete the co-packing inquiry form, giving us basic information about how to contact you and what type of product you’re interested in.  In return, we’ll send you a questionnaire to be completed.
• Complete and return questionnaire to:
• Once step one has been completed and approved, a confidentiality form will be provided for your completion.

• Provide a sample of your product.
• We will need a copy of your recipe in order to reproduce it. Utilizing our expertise, we may recommend changes to your recipe to ensure shelf stability or to keep your price more economical.

• Our food scientist will prepare samples for your approval and make change as necessary to ensure flavor consistency, and quality of your product.
• Once you accept the sample, we will cost it for you and furnish you with an Ingredient Statement and Nutritional Panel.
• Choose packaging, design of label, printing.

• Production