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Mrs. Campbell’s Chow Chow was good enough. But we just couldn’t stop there—and haven’t since 1972. As consumer tastes get more sophisticated, ours do too. Through our ongoing product development program, we keep our recipes fine-tuned with a method that’s unbeatable. True to our small-town North Carolina charm and loyalty, with a forward focus on market trends and national brands, Golding Farms brings something special to the table. The days of Mrs. Campbell’s Canning Company may be long gone, but the Golding Farms guarantee remains the same: Honest-to-goodness flavor.

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Golding Farms Foods is a company founded on a business principle of providing quality food products at reasonable prices in the market place. As an intrinsic part of quality, food safety will always be a key component. Golding Farms Foods is committed toward pursuing the means and methods to assure that the products we produce for our customers meet a high standard of quality and are beyond reproach for safety when it comes to the customer.