That’s right, give your family extra incentive to try all their veggies tonight and let everyone know that after everyone has cleared their plates and you’ve had some help washing the dinner dishes, everyone will gather around and make their own ice cream.



o 1 tbsp of sugar

o 1/2 cup of milk

o 1/2 tsp of vanilla

Other items needed:

o 1 quart sized bag

o 1 gallon sized bag

o Rock salt

o Crushed ice


1. Blend the sugar milk and vanilla in a bowl

2. Transfer the ingredients to the quart sized baggie and seal it

3. Place the 1 quart of ice and 3 tablespoons of rock salt into the gallon sized baggie

4. Then put the quart sized baggie with the ice cream ingredients into the gallon sized bag

5. Finally add 1 more quart of ice and 3 more tablespoons of rock salt to the gallon sized bag

6. Now let everyone shake their own bag of ice cream for about 10-15 minutes making sure the contents of the two bags don’t mix.

The bags will get very cold so you might want to break out the winter gloves or use paper towels to help hold the bags.

This hands-on family night activity can also teach the kids about how rock salt keeps ice from melting, and how liquids can freeze into solids, and then melt in their bowl back into liquids!



Shutterstock Scoops of Ice Cream