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Global flavor profiles and innovations

At Golding Farms, we are committed to flavor and offer an extensive variety of specialty sauces, each made with the highest quality ingredients and care.

With a reputation built on 40 years of proven results and customer loyalty, Golding Farms is one of the fastest growing specialty table sauce companies in the United States.

Not only do we consider ourselves global flavor enthusiasts, but our Research and Development Facility is second to none in flavor and recipe development. If you’ve got a flavor combination you want to test, let’s meet in the kitchen.

Our contract pack and private label solutions are turnkey, so our customers can concentrate on marketing and sales. Below are just a few of the sauces out of an extensive list of specialty condiments and sauces we proudly offer our partners.

Sweet Sauces: Fruit Syrups & Pancake Syrups

One of our sweetest, new additions, our sweet sauces and syrups are ideal for brands that specialize in baking, syrups, or dessert topping products or those requiring production of their own recipes. 


We’re expanding basic flavor profiles and will team with you to create and package sweet speciality sauces to match whatever niche or flavor profile your brand requires.

Salad Dressings

Golding Farms has both culinary and scientific expertise to help companies commercialize their high growth products, such as salad dressings, while maintaining the quality and flavor in large run production.


Our production efficiencies translate into lower costs for small and large run customers, without compromising quality or service. Whether you’ve got a prototype you want to launch or a best seller that needs large scale production, Golding Farms is the perfect partner.

Premium Barbecue, Marinade & Steak Sauces

Our culinary scientists will develop the perfect blend for your brand or handle large run production of proprietary recipes. Large scale retailers can rest assured our contract pack barbecue sauces live up to, and exceed, your customers expectations.


If your brand is looking for trusted steak sauce production or looking to come up with a new flavor profile to extend your product, let’s talk. Within our research and development facility, our food scientists will work with you to come up the ideal recipe for your private label or contract pack needs.

Wing & Hot Sauce

What do you want to achieve with your hot sauce products? Golding Farms can provide the answer. From private label to contract packing, our solutions are always turnkey. Work with us to create new flavors and tastes in our Research and Development facility or let us re-create your own recipes in our large production facility.


Our R&D facility is ideal for perfecting new globally inspired recipes for this expanding specialty sauce market.

Asian Inspired Sauces & Flavors

Our flavor technicians and food scientists develop spot-on Asian specialty sauces from the finest ingredients. Meet the demands of consumers looking for sauces such as yum yum sauce, soy sauce, and curries.


We can produce short run specialty Asian sauces for private label and contract pack customers with large branded company efficiency, quality and customer approval ratings.


Golding Farms is an ideal choice for the creation of specialty aioli recipes for contract packing or private label. These services are ideal as a product line expansion or for small specialty producers that are looking to find a larger production facility.


Our broader range of formulas and packaging capabilities service the customer looking to do smaller production runs.

Partnering with Golding Farms offers you the ability to grow your business without the stress, time and investment required for independent production.

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