Here’s a cute idea that is sure to get your kids eggstatic about family night!

Egg Carton Boat


  • Egg carton (12 or 6 egg)
  • Dowel or stick (for mast)
  • Paper
  • Paint, Crayons, Markers, etc.
  • Ribbon/ string
  • Glue and Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Staples



  • For the sails, have your child draw or paint designs on paper.  Once dry, cut out one large triangle for the main sail and then several smaller ones for flags.
  • For the basic boat structure, take the egg carton and poke the dowel through the center, hot gluing it in place.
  • Next, secure the mast to the egg carton with the string or ribbon by tying it around the dowel at the top, then down the sides and tie again at the bottom. Add dabs of hot glue to keep in place.
  • Last, Glue on the sails onto the dowel for the mast, then glue or staple the flags onto the string.