There is no better way to get your kids excited for Easter than with this fun and simple craft!  Not only will your family love making them, but once you’re done your kids will have a cute puppet to play with.



  • White Tube Sock
  • Styrofoam ball
  • 8 in dowel
  • Googly Eyes
  • Felt (White and Pink)
  • Paper or Plastic Cups
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Craft Glue
  • Cotton Balls



  • Push the dowel into the Styrofoam ball at a slight angle.
  • Next, cut two ears out of white felt and two inner ears out of pink felt. Bend a pipe cleaner in half and sandwich it between the felt pieces, and glue them together with the pipe cleaner ends protruding an inch.
  • Then pull a white sock over the ball and glue on googly eyes and a pink pom-pom nose with cotton balls on each side. Cut slits in the sock on the “head” and push the ears into the ball.
  • Finally, stuff the “neck” with cotton balls and poke a hole in the cup.  Slide the cup into the bottom of the sock, upside down and onto the dowel.