If you want to spend an autumn afternoon with your kids or grand kids and want to create something you can always cherish, then try this inexpensive keepsake craft.

Fall Wind Catcher


  1. 36” dowel rod, width 3/16 of an inch
  2. Fabric leaves (approximately 50)
  3. Beads of choice
  4. Thin twine
  5. Spray Paint (Optional)



  1. First carefully cut your dowel rod in half with a saw or very sharp serrated knife.
  2. (Optional) Spray paint your dowel rod dark brown
  3. Knot your twine at the bottom and anchor a bead. Then snip a tiny hole at the top of a fabric leaf and run your string through the hole, knotting it each time and for every leaf.
  4. Tie your dowels into a cross shape. You can use a bit of hot glue to keep your dowels in this shape, then tie some twine around the middle to firmly secure it.
  5. Hang your wind catcher where you can watch your leaves blowing in the wind.